As everyone reading this will know, on June 23rd the UK voted on a momentous decision to leave the EU.

An REC members study prior to Brexit revealed that nearly 60% of recruiters wanted to remain in the EU indicating that a vote to leave would lead to widespread uncertainty in the industry. The results of the referendum have sparked a nationwide debate on the impact it will have on employment, on the economy and on life in general in the UK.

Here’s our advice for employers on how best to deal with the after effects of the Brexit vote:

Reassuring your Staff

Brexit will clearly bring big changes to the landscape of business in both the UK and Europe. This, along with the current state of British politics and media panic, means that millions of employees will be worrying about their individual futures.

Unsettled staff is bad news for productivity and the workplace atmosphere so reassuring your employees is key. Informing employee’s that their position isn’t in immediate jeopardy will make a huge difference to their happiness. Although it may be difficult to guarantee long term security, the online recruitment resource; On Rec, suggest that employers “send out a memo stating that business will continue as normal for the time being”.

Migrant Worker Rights

It’s too early to know what the consequences of Brexit will be on EU workers in the UK but at Orbital we’re keeping a very close eye on how this progresses so we can quickly react to any changes in policy.

The government and other significant bodies are likely to release plenty of information over the coming weeks and months. If you outsource your recruitment processing to Orbital then you will have peace of mind that we will be at the forefront of any developments that could impact your business. Although it’s unlikely to have an impact on the immediate future, it is vital that your business keeps up to date with changing policy. Failure to do so could be very costly both for the company as well as current and future employees.

Keeping up with changing recruitment processes

The impact of Brexit won’t only affect current staff it is also likely to have an influence on the recruitment process of new employees. The shifting political climate and employment laws are likely to impact the process of screening and hiring foreign staff. On Rec commented that as a consequence of this “ensuring that turnover rates remain low is vital. Finding the right person for the job is more important than ever”.

With recruitment process outsourcing from Orbital you can leave your recruitment Brexit worries behind. Not only will we keep on top of any developments in employment law and screening processes, we will provide you with the right candidate for the job; saving you time, money and allowing you to get on with what you do best!

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By Helen Younger

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