Increasing numbers of older workers make it even more important for recruiters to convince their clients of the benefits of employing them.

This was the message from panellists discussing diversity issues at an event, hosted by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), at Global Recruiter’s conference in London this week.

When it comes to increasing diversity, including the employment of older workers, companies can add a huge amount of value. There is a lot of unconscious bias in the recruitment environment at present and so raising awareness and educating our clients to do our best to eliminate this discrimination.

Older workers are an important part of a diverse workforce and have a lot to contribute in terms of team dynamics. They can also effectively draw out positive behaviours in younger workers and aid the return on investment for the employer because of their reliability and loyalty to the company.

Catherine Finney, who is part of the fuller working lives team at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), pointed out that by 2020 a third of the UK workforce would be over 50. While older workers are less likely to be made redundant, if they do lose their job they are more likely to become long-term unemployed, explained Finney.

“There seems to be a barrier when it comes to getting [older] people back into work,” she said, “which seems counter intuitive when they have got all this experience and all these skills.”

Although it is acknowledged that attitudes to older workers do vary from sector to sector it is our commitment to ensure that we educate all on the benefits of mature workers.

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By Neil Powell

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