Confidence in Agency Workers is Increasing

According to research published this month, UK employers are increasingly likely to appoint agency workers amidst the continuing reduction in confidence in the economy. The JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a monthly survey detailing the hiring intentions of UK employers, found that the market had shifted. The sentiment for hiring agency […]

Is the Era of Austerity Coming to an End?

It’s arrived, the final Budget before the UK leaves the EU has been delivered with the Chancellor, Philip Hammond – citing a “New Chapter” for the economy, but is austerity coming to an end? In a speech that lasted more than 70 minutes, the Chancellor claimed that after repairing the damage to the public finances […]

Diversity and Inclusivity, a Competitive Advantage

Diversity used to be ‘just a box’ that companies ticked, but today, it’s a real competitive advantage. The importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace is ever more profound with strong evidence to suggest that across the board companies and organisations with a wider range of experiences and perspectives perform better. “A diverse business is […]