Increasing efficiencies with the digitalisation of our onboarding process

During 2019, digitalising our recruitment and onboarding processes became a key focus in our business objectives. We knew leveraging technology to assess, select, onboard and recruit candidates remotely for roles would change the way we operate indefinitely. It would bring huge data and IT infrastructure challenges, whilst being one of our most rewarding projects to […]

Skills Shortage – Can it be Solved?

The JobsOutlook survey reported that 34% of employers with the intention to expand their workforce through the recruitment of agency workers had expressed concerns over the availability of those with the necessary skills. At Orbital, we’ve got this covered. Relying on our existing pool of talent just doesn’t cut it, so we don’t. Consequently, it’s […]

Confidence in Agency Workers is Increasing

According to research published this month, UK employers are increasingly likely to appoint agency workers amidst the continuing reduction in confidence in the economy. The JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a monthly survey detailing the hiring intentions of UK employers, found that the market had shifted. The sentiment for hiring agency […]