During 2019, digitalising our recruitment and onboarding processes became a key focus in our business objectives. We knew leveraging technology to assess, select, onboard and recruit candidates remotely for roles would change the way we operate indefinitely. It would bring huge data and IT infrastructure challenges, whilst being one of our most rewarding projects to date.

Let’s get digital

We knew that digitalisation was the key to a leaner, faster, eco-friendly system throughout the organisation. To fully digitalise our operations we employed the help of a senior software developer, our system had to align itself with our company architecture and progressive nature.

Digitalising our application process gave us the opportunity to ensure we meet the needs of a diverse audience – simplicity was employed to ensure a user-friendly and accessible format. Our team are alerted to each application which can be accessed remotely – wherever they are.

The hike in the use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams has been long an important part of life at Orbital – this reduces our timeframe from application to interview, beating the opposition to the best candidates available.

Little did we know that a pandemic was looming and the working lifestyle of our team would be pushed towards independent and remote working, but this meant that the impact and disruption to our business and operations due to COVID19 was rapidly reduced.

Greater efficiencies are now achieved: application to placement can now be achieved in hours, instead of days.

Namely, because communication with candidates is far more manageable as is automating parts of the application process with our administration requirements.

The digitalisation of our recruitment processes also included reviewing how we utilise our social channels to recruit individuals. Our social media has become a prime spot for us to develop our brand voice, attract candidates and promote new roles, fast. Social channels are particularly important with younger candidates – if you’re looking for rising young talent, you need to exist where they are.

“We’ve assessed every digital avenue to ensure that we are utilising it effectively to ensure we’re adopting a genuine digital recruitment strategy and not just introducing a paperless system.”

Comments Neil Powell, Director.

We are the product. As recruiters, we create branding for the company as a brand would develop for their products.

The digitalisation of our recruitment processes was a key part of our company branding and ambition to be the go-to agency for candidates and clients. Since our inception, we’ve been keen innovators here at Orbital. It’s a key part of our strategy, we think differently to solve problems. And whilst a digital recruitment/onboarding system was an obvious strategy to adopt we are working to develop our software into a market-leading software platform that can change the way other agencies operate too. We strive to lead, and never to follow.

We’re more eco-friendly than ever before

It’s greener. The cost savings are ample with our digitalisation, but the reduced impact on our planet is priceless. Put simply, the trees can stay where they are and the energy required to harvest, ship and transform them into the leaf of paper we have on our desk – no longer used. No longer are we taking CVs on paper, printing out endless application forms and inviting to commute in for face-to-face interviews.

Discover digital recruitment with Orbital

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