Diversity used to be ‘just a box’ that companies ticked, but today, it’s a real competitive advantage.

The importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace is ever more profound with strong evidence to suggest that across the board companies and organisations with a wider range of experiences and perspectives perform better.

“A diverse business is more likely to understand the needs of a wider range of customers and clients – it can only be great for businesses UK wide in the wake of BREXIT.” Commented Mark Burton, Director.

How do we ensure diversity during the recruitment process and support the development of an inclusive workforce?

The provision on an unbiased recruitment strategy can be simple, yet the benefits, substantial. Here are our top 3 tips for broadening inclusivity in the recruitment process:

1. Open up the opportunity from the initial application

When writing your job advertisement, be succinct and remove any needless requirements from the description. A good example of this is to be flexible on working hours, rather than promoting fixed hours. This will make the process more inclusive and ensure a wealth of applications who may be able to work flexible hours, but not fixed. Consider, does the role need to be 9-5pm or does the task require approximately 37 hours a week to complete?

Introducing flexibility through removing needless requirements will allows you to explore opportunities based upon suitability for the role, rather than a specified structure – which is more important?

2. Ditch the traditional CV

That’s right, don’t ask for CVs. If you’re looking for a wealth of applications, remove any details from the application process that could form bias, including CVs. Design a process that doesn’t require a CV at all – imagine that. A simple form to complete that deciphers the candidates’ willingness as well as suitability for the role, which could be as humble as checkbox of skill-sets. Take the pain out of applications and become more inclusive – win, win.

3. Be creative about the interview process

Review how your interviews take place. Consider that not all candidates interview well. Encourage portfolio’s, written or visual responses, an informal meet and great or other ways for candidates to compete for the role. Challenging your existing processes can create a fun and inclusive way to learn about a candidate and their suitability for the role.

“We thrive through encouraging diversity and inclusion across our recruitment processes. It’s not only the right thing to do; it makes us a stronger, happier workplace. Our teams are welcoming and supportive on our sites, and in our community.” Adds Mark Burton.

Refresh your recruitment strategy

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