Orbital Committed to help the Full Employment Pledge

In a speech setting out a Conservative party pledge for more jobs, David Cameron has called for Britain to overtake Germany and become a nation of ‘full employment’.

Mr Cameron’s target is for Britain to have the highest percentage of people in work of any developed nation.

The PM commented that it had been a ‘tough few years’ but added that the country was ‘coming out the other side’.

It is an aspiration that would involve the UK, currently 72%, overtaking Germany’s 74% in terms of the percentage of people in work according to the BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith.

So what is full employment? The prime minister explained in a speech in Ipswich, that the term full employment means “anyone who wants a job is able to get a job in our country”.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said full employment “should be a goal for any political party”, adding: “But we also need to create decent jobs with good pay and prospects.”

How Recruitment Partners like Orbital are contributing to Full Employment

At Orbital we’re doing our bit to contribute to ‘full employment’, helping more people than ever to find work.

We believe recruitment partners play a key role in realising the Prime Ministers ambition. They help those looking for work to find it and provide companies with cost effective, efficient recruitment solutions that allow them to expand without any concern over staffing levels.

In 2014 we placed 4843 people in work. At Orbital we pride ourselves on finding the right candidate for the job and such was our success in 2014 that 430 of our workers taken on for temporary positions were subsequently offered permanent roles.

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By Mark Burton

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