EU citizens to be granted settled status

Unveiled by Theresa May on the 26 June, The BBC reports that a 15-page document outlined plans meaning that approximately 3.2m residents from the EU will effectively have the same rights as UK citizens.

The Prime Minister has also stated that she expects reciprocal treatment for UK citizens living in the EU. However, currently there is no agreement on who will oversee those rights or which court will mediate in cases where there is a dispute.

Great for UK Recruitment

Post-Brexit statistics suggested that a number of EU citizens were already returning to their home nations despite far higher unemployment rates compared to that of the UK. This was primarily due to the levels of uncertainty that still faced the British working population. In particular non-British, EU residents felt less welcome – due to the Brexit vote as well as the impact on salaries. Due to the decline in value of the British pound they were earning 10-20% less in currency terms than a year ago.

Remaining Optimistic about Short-term Recruitment Markets

While we’re still seeing lower volumes of non-British EU Nationals applying for roles, numerous challenges still remain for the short-term market. However, at Orbital Recruitment, we’re remaining optimistic about our ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead and are confident that by developing specialist recruitment strategies, our expertise will enable you to embrace the various opportunities that come with those challenges.

Whilst there are still a number of unanswered questions, the recent statement demonstrates the UK’s hand in wanting to resolve the dilemma of citizens’ rights for all as quickly as possible – which can only be great for talent still residing in the UK.

By Helen Younger

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