46% of hiring managers say time is the biggest barrier when it comes to recruitment.

According to a new survey, carried out by CareerBuilder, nearly half of hiring managers reported that the biggest factor preventing them from overcoming their recruitment challenges is time. About a quarter (24%) said that it was a lack of budget.

21% of hiring managers also commented that their biggest recruitment issue was down to a lack of the right internal people to find and hire successful candidates. 9% also mentioned a lack of necessary software or technology as being a major recruitment obstacle.

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At Orbital we can provide you with the opportunity to completely re-think your recruitment practices and processes. We can examine your current recruitment process to determine where excessive cost and inefficient practices may exist. We can then work with you to develop an outsourced model that is specific to your company’s needs.

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Time is money! And as the hiring managers in the Career Builder survey commented, spending time hiring employees uses lots of both, particularly if the wrong person is chosen.

From sourcing applicants, to conducting interviews, negotiating offers and more – recruitment is very time consuming. Your business also loses the benefit of an employee’s contribution during the recruitment process and you may be wasting resources that could be dedicated to driving other parts of your business forward.

Remove all of the most common recruitment obstacles by outsourcing all or part of your recruitment process to Orbital. With a wealth of experience in recruitment, we’re experts at providing cost effective, streamlined processes leaving you to concentrate on what you do best!

By Helen Younger

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