We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Relationship Management Centre

Our new and innovative solution for recruitment. The centre will support the recruitment process by building deeper relationships with our prospective workforce and means that at Orbital, we don’t wait for people to contact us based on traditional ‘push’ recruitment methods.

A commitment to even more innovative recruitment solutions

Our commitment to the rapid supply of a dedicated workforce has seen us develop a new and innovative solution for recruitment. The Relationship Management Centre will focus on building deeper relationships with our applicants old and new. The outbound recruitment centre will support the recruitment process with proactive activity, meaning we no longer wait for applicants to come to us once a role is advertised.

The team are tasked with outbound calls. Calls that are not always directly related to placements, but also to deliver a continual line of communication with our database – connecting us better with our candidates. Our outbound approach is a crucial development in recruitment tactics. It will mean our data is more accurate through continual updates and a proactive cleansing process. Additionally, it will allow our Recruitment Consultants more time assisting our clients with valuable expertise and insight.

“With over 16 years of data at our hands, we recognised that we already had a supreme database with a workforce who could benefit further from our proactive approach. We want to know more about them, so we match them to the most suitable role – this is the perfect solution.” Comments Mark Burton, Director.

“It’s a vital addition to our marketing strategy, building upon our awareness through social media and not dismissing traditional recruitment strategies as you’ll still find our roles advertised in the areas people are most familiar with – we’re just being more proactive on a personal level with our internal resources.” Adds Helen Younger, Operations Director.

Nurturing and developing our workforce

Developing stronger relationships through regular proactive contact and building an in-depth profile of each candidates’ skills and needs demonstrates our commitment to the nurturing and development of our relationships throughout our entire supply chain.

We are a passionate company who care about our people and our commitment to their needs shines throughout our protocols, services and processes. The recent addition of an outbound recruitment centre demonstrates our desire to listen intently to the soundbites of our workforce, enhancing the experience for both candidate and client.

A 24/7 recruitment drive from our dedicated team

Our relationship management centre is open evenings and weekends to help our clients locate the right people to power their businesses – fast. In a fast paced world it’s important to be in constant contact with our candidates, at a time that suits them.

“Reaching out to our workforce and enhancing our knowledge of our data pools and understanding new leads in detail is already proving far more fruitful – the team are already making a huge impact on our placement figures. We’re placing 100’s of new people into placements every week.”
Comments Mark.

“At Orbital, we’ve refocussed on the applicant, knowing that our role is to do more than just place them into a role. Ultimately a better understanding of the candidates subscribed to our service has resulted in a happier workforce, increased retention rates and enhanced our rapid response to client needs.” Added Helen.

For more information about our recruitment services, get in touch with a member of our team who will be delighted to help.

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