According to a new study over 38% of UK employers don’t check whether their prospective staff have the ‘right to work’ in the UK.

The study found that only 58% of organisations conduct background screening checks on new employees.

Involving 175 organisations, the study was conducted by global screening company, SterlingBackcheck who found that time and cost were cited as the main reasons why employers failed to conduct background checks.

It is a criminal offence to hire someone who has no right to work in the UK and it is therefore employers’ responsibility to ensure the correct checks are carried out. Clare Hart, CEO of SterlingBackcheck commented; “the tight labour market makes it tempting for employers to look the other way but any business that fails to carry out these checks correctly risks a £20,000 civil penalty for each illegal worker, as well as damage to their brand and reputation. That’s a high price to pay.

The study also revealed that employers do recognise the value of screening for senior positions with rigorous employment background checks undertaken when recruiting executives, directors and managers. However background checks are less common amongst part time or lower level roles despite the risks being just as high. The study suggested that only 50% of companies screen their part-time hourly workers. Not only do you risk fines of up to £20,000 or even imprisonment but by hiring ineligible candidates, organisations are leaving themselves more vulnerable to fraud and theft, and could be jeopardising workplace safety and employee morale.

With our globalised world and the porous borders of the European Union, it is now fairly easy for anyone to apply for a job anywhere. Global screening may be a difficult process for in-house recruitment teams but you can be assured that with Orbital Recruitment, your staff, customers and business will be protected with our comprehensive background checks.

At Orbital Recruitment, we are fully committed to ensuring that all of our agency workers have the necessary paperwork to work in the UK.

Comprehensive 28 step process immigration compliance checklist

At Orbital Recruitment we have a robust and thorough system that follows a 28 point compliance checklist. This ensures that the workforce we employ all have the legal right to work in the UK. To provide peace of mind for our clients the applications go through a further stage of control at our Head Office, where the applications are ‘double checked’ for correctness and suitability, meaning no vital information is missing.

We are committed to maintaining our high standards and demonstrating that compliance and ethics are at the heart of what we do.

Sarah Chambers, Compliance Manager for Orbital comments “As a recruitment partner for a large number of clients we have a responsibility to ensure we are not knowingly employing and supplying illegal workers. This is why compliance is so important to Orbital Recruitment”.

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By Helen Younger

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