Article 50 has now been signed, but what post-Brexit recruitment challenges lie ahead?

The UK’s vote to leave the EU in June 2016 cast a shadow of uncertainty over the recruitment industry, particularly in the short-term markets. At Orbital Recruitment, we remain optimistic about our ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead and are confident that by developing specialist strategies, our expertise will enable you to embrace the various opportunities that come with those challenges. 

What will happen to current migrant employees?

Following the trigger of Article 50 there will be no immediate changes to circumstances. The government understands the economic value of EU migration to Britain’s employment markets. The Prime Minister’s words have pleased the ‘Remainers’ and ‘Brexiters’ alike to safeguard the rights of UK citizens in exchange for assurances for EU nationals. Whilst there are no current guarantees, as negotiations start, clarity will ensue. 

Is there an uncertain future for attracting migrant employees?

Post-Brexit brings one certainty, that there will be difficulties attracting new talent from overseas, as Brexit questions visa requirements for EU nationals wishing to work in the UK. With many industries reliant on EU employees for example transport and distribution, hospitality and agricultural many employers preparing for a future with fewer European migrant employees. The reality is that many questions are still left unanswered – but one thing is certain, when we know more. You’ll be the first hear.

Discover our top-tips for your post-Brexit recruitment strategy

We know that there are growing concerns for employers for the labour market, so we gathered our top recruitment experts from across the company to pull together our top 3 recommendations to consider in your future recruitment strategy:

1. Exploration of different pools of labour

There is no doubt that there are alternative pools of labour to explore that have perhaps gone unnoticed due to an influx of availability of a migrant workforce. For example; colleges graduates (those aged 16-18) and university students (18+) make a valuable contribution to workforces today. Their availability to work unsociable hours due to reduced dependencies and commitments; and ability to navigate seamlessly through modern technology makes them an attractive option for recruitment today. Parents and carers regularly require part-time hours that can enable them to work around schools and care hours. Also consider those who are disadvantaged; working to support individuals into work can be an extremely rewarding route for both parties.

2. Incentivise and reward your employees

Consider introducing an effective system of incentives and bonuses to reward performance, productivity and recognise unsociable hours of work. The benefits vary from increasing motivation, boosting productivity and morale to clarity over the individuals performance through reward and recognition.

3. … importantly become an irresistible employer!

Consider developing a new working model to attract new employees. As individuals we spend a lot of our lives ‘working’, and the need for a quality environment as well as job satisfaction is becoming more and more important. Explore your company ethos. A simple evaluation of operational hours and instating a more flexible working pattern can create opportunities for all.

Consider evolving your patterns to allow parents and students to be able to work for you at hours that are likely to suit them. The job market is highly transparent, and attracting employees is a highly competitive activity. Consider analysing why people leave or their motivations for staying in order to increase retention rates and overall ‘happiness’ as part of your company ethos.

With the onset of uncertainty set to continue for the foreseeable future, we’re inviting clients, current and new, to take advantage of a recruitment strategy evaluation.

Over the years we’ve helped many companies across numerous industries expand their workforce – fast. Equally, we have assisted with bespoke solutions and contingency planning for when the need arises.

Our team of recruitment experts have the commercial nous, passion and knowledge to help work sharper and smarter on your recruitment solutions, adding valuable experience in securing your needs in the future employment market. We’ll help you to identify threats and put in place strategies that will ensure you remain successful post-Brexit. To book your appointment, call 0333 323 2121 and speak to a member of our team.

By Helen Younger

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