Another amazing year for Orbital Recruitment, here’s why…

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves has been our inspiration (and success) for 2018. We’ve been the problem solvers, the educators, the ultimate cheerleaders for our workforce. This year has been about them and our incredible employees who have driven this new approach to recruitment and supply of superior resources for our sensational clients.

There is no denying that this year has been the most challenging of all. In the period since June 2016, the combination of strong labour demand, low unemployment and a dramatic 95% fall in EU nationals joining the UK workforce between Q1 2018 and Q1 2016, has put significant pressure on the UK recruitment industry.

Despite these challenges, we’re delighted to report that we achieved over 30% growth this year.

“We were more than pleased with last years growth, but to exceed it this year, has been phenomenal. Over 30% growth for 2018 is a superb result and we want to thank all of our partners, employees and suppliers for their dedication and support.”

Comments Mark Burton, Director.

Our innovative approach combined with our tenacity and passion for recruitment has contributed to our success this year. Working with our clients in a true consultation process, we have designed and successfully executed combined attraction and retention strategies that have solved even the most complex recruitment problems. It has been our absolute pleasure to work so closely with so many fabulous companies. But it wasn’t just that…

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

This year we have seen over 700 people take advantage of our pre-employment training service, Orbital Progression. This free service, in conjunction with DBC Training, has bought a new innovative recruitment service that bridges the skills gap between candidate and employer. This has gone from strength to strength since its’ launch increasing the value of our workforce and their role satisfaction too. Almost too well…

…we’ve transitioned over 1,000 temporary roles into permanent placements.

Although we specialise in the supply of resource through a flexible and temporary workforce, we have assigned over 1,000 happy workers from temporary roles into permanent positions. Our innovative recruitment formula empowers our workers – they have frequently exceeded our clients expectations and have gone on to secure a permanent position. By supporting our workforce in their roles, we champion their future.

“Our investment into developing individuals through education means that every successful applicant has an opportunity to refine their skills and develop into a permanent role with us – and that is what is truly great about our work.

Adds Mark.

Sharing is caring and our growth has benefitted from this kindness.

Over 2,000 referrals from our happy workforce. We will just let that sink in a moment.

With over 2,000 referrals we have reached family, friends and old colleagues who have subsequently joined Orbital. Our applicant focused approach from training to flexible working hours and shift patterns has allowed us to solve some of the most complex resourcing problems for our clients.

“When our workforce provides this vote of confidence in us – it is the biggest compliment we can receive.”

Comments Mark Burton, Director.

If you have the power to help someone, do it. The world needs more of that.

No two clients needs are the same and it’s our understanding of this combined with our progressive approach that means our clients can rely on us to provide the service they need when they need it – we are with you for the long-haul.

From full and part-time roles to temporary and permanent positions, across a variety of industries – we’re the perfect partner to provide a solid link between candidate and employer. For more information about our services, get in touch with a member of our team who will be delighted to help – let’s get started on 2019 together.

Orbital Recruitment

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