Why is Employing the Perfect Recruitment Partner so Important?

Understanding your business – When searching for talent, a recruiter is acting as an extension to your business. It is important that the you find the perfect recruitment partner who truly understands your business, its culture and its values.

CV and Applications – The recruiter should take time to get to know you so they are confident enough to reject most candidates, leaving you with an effective shortlist of quality candidates who have been handpicked by your recruitment consultant.

Quality candidates – Your consultant should ensure every candidate is screened in detail against each job they have put in front of them. The required skills, attitude, career expectations, salary, commute should be discussed.

Regular updates – After you have invested your time in a recruiter you need to feel confident that while you’re getting on with your job, they’re getting on with theirs. They should keep you posted on exactly what’s happening throughout the recruitment process.

Greater Efficiencies – At Orbital Recruitment we offer Onsite recruitment services that are bespoke, created with you, for you. By working with you, we create a solution that is perfect for your business, we then place this unique service at your doorstep. The beauty of an onsite recruitment service is our ability to do more than provide people, but to analyse, recommend, resolve and improve procedures.

Our Top Tips for Getting it Right…

1) Choose a specialist in your sector – Generalist recruitment agencies are fine for administrative staff, but if you work in a particular industry, its better to use a recruitment agency that have specialist knowledge in that industry and it’s this knowledge that you will really be paying for, a deep understanding of your industry sector and the roles within it.

Always check, that the agency has recruited for similar positions and ask for testimonials from previous clients.

2) Check the credentials of your particular consultant – Always find out who will be handling your recruitment – how long have they been in the company and will they be your single point of contact? You want to feel that you’ll be receiving a consistent service from someone who is experienced, not passed round from one consultant to another.

3) Use one recruitment agency rather than a few – You can give a job specification to any number of agencies, but do you have time to sift through all the candidates (good or bad) that a scattergun approach might generate? Generally, it’s better to give exclusivity to one agency – this really will ensure a better service and commitment to finding suitable candidates.

4) Agree costs – Make sure you agree terms and conditions at the beginning of the process, and feel satisfied that there are no ‘grey areas’ left to discuss e.g. will you be expected to contribute towards any advertising costs on top of the agreed fee?

5) Provide a clear brief – Without full details of who you’re looking for, no recruitment agency could be blamed for not finding them. Make clear what skills, qualities and/or experience are essential, what are desirable and what are optional.

6) Agree the process and timelines – Agree the timescales the recruitment process should follow, working back from when you want someone in place and set key dates, such as receiving the candidate shortlist, holding interviews, etc.

7) Give feedback – Give your consultant constructive feedback at every stage of the process – from the CVs submitted to the quality of the candidates put forward for interview. Use the agreed processes and timelines mentioned previously as a benchmark for this feedback.

By Helen Younger

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