Biometric Scanners

At Orbital Recruitment we can implement biometric scanners onsite to eliminate fraud and streamline payroll processes. With some of our clients using in excess of 500 temporary staff each week it is crucial to their operation that the workforce we provide are managed correctly.

What are biometric scanners?

Biometrics is a method of recognising an individual based on a physiological characteristic. Our scanners record fingerprints, and with each being unique from person to person, this allows us to record and track distinctive personal information from personal to person with ease.

The benefits of using biometric scanners in recruitment

Biometric templates cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate personal information and they cannot be stolen and used to access personal information. This therefore makes them the perfect solution for monitoring a workforce.

Biometric scanners eliminate fraud, speed up payroll processes and comply with health and safety issues. This allows our clients to view real time attendance and cost analysis. We offer these beneficial recruitment systems free of charge to our onsite serviced clients.

For more information about biometric scanners and our onsite services please contact us.