Video Inductions

The retention of staff and levels of attendance are important factors within our industry and as such we approach inductions a little differently by way of video.

In order to maintain a high level of retention we devised a route that would ensure the best job matching, ensuring that all workers are thoroughly briefed prior to arrival at work.

A video induction can be shown to a potential worker during the selection process. This enables the applicant not only the opportunity to decline the job, but more importantly accept the position, be prepared and ready for work from day one.

Our video inductions include vital information about the role but also about the location, offices and working environment.

Improving staff retention

Our approach to inducting the workforce to the task at hand promotes the best ‘job matching’ for both client and candidate. This has significantly improved staff retention and assisted our clients in meeting production and working targets, and most importantly creating a happy workforce.

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