Unemployment in Britain has hit a 42-year low, from May to July the unemployment rate fell to 4.3 percent, a low not seen since the 1970s. With an estimated 1.49 million unemployed people, versus 32 million people in work.

On the 22 September Theresa May delivered a speech in Florence in which she called for a two-year transition period, during which time trade would continue on current terms following Brexit. During this period EU migrants would be able to live and work in the UK but have to register with the authorities, while the UK would continue to pay into the EU budget.

Post-Brexit statistics suggested that a number of EU citizens were already returning to their home nations despite far higher unemployment rates compared to that of the UK and the trend continues. There are continued lower volumes of non-British EU Nationals applying for roles and numerous challenges still remain for the short-term market – challenges that must be met.

… but at Orbital Recruitment we’re doing things a little differently

We are committed to providing the best possible recruitment experience, benchmarking our service levels against other agencies within the industry and pro-actively dealing with all levels of feedback from our valued candidates and clients. Throughout this consultation we’ve developed numerous new innovative strategies that will help us to deliver a more integrated and effective recruitment service for both our candidates and clients.

At Orbital Recruitment, we’re not just looking for candidates to fill roles but are invested in matching our candidates with a job that’s right for them – our candidates are much more than just a number to us.

We have developed many long-term relationships with both candidates and clients, allowing us to build opportunities for temporary roles to become permanent – this ease of transition and nurturing approach has led to a significant proportion of repeat business and candidates applying to work with us and it’s this experience that is vital to our ongoing recruitment service for both applicant and client.

Deeper relationships with our prospective workforce

Recently our proactive approach to recruitment has seen us open a new Relationship Management Centre that will support the recruitment process by building deeper relationships with our prospective workforce.

The team are tasked with developing stronger relationships through regular proactive contact and building an in-depth profile of each registrants needs which demonstrates our commitment to the nurturing and development of our relationships throughout our entire supply chain.

“We’re delighted with the recent addition of our support office – the team are already making a huge impact on our placement figures and we are already seeing the added value of this unique concept. We’re placing 100’s of new people into placements every week.” Commented Mark Burton, Director.

It’s a crucial development in recruitment tactics, the team are working 24/7 to reach the right people by building a better understanding of our data pools and understanding new applicants fully.

“It’s a vital addition to our marketing strategy, building upon our awareness through social media and not dismissing traditional recruitment strategies.” Adds Helen Younger, Operations Director.

A commitment to workforce progression and increased retention rates

This approach is further demonstrated through the recent launch of Orbital Progression, a new innovative recruitment service that bridges the skills gap between candidate and employer – through this service we create better placed candidates with better careers. Our bespoke process supports both employer and candidate as they start their working relationship together. This creates immediate opportunities for both as they start their employer, employee relationship and benefits from new courses added all the time. This month see’s the launch of ‘Managing your own Money in the Workplace‘ and ‘Positive Attitudes and Behaviours at Work.’

“Getting to know our workforce better has made a huge impact on our operations. It’s a vital key to placing individuals into roles they can settle and progress in and moreover demonstrates our dedication to on-going beneficial relationships.” Adds Helen.

Optimistic about the on-going challenges

At Orbital Recruitment, we’re optimistic about our ability to meet the on-going recruitment challenges. We’re confident that our strategy of developing a more in-depth understanding of our workforce combined with a commitment to their on-going employment happiness we will meet those challenges head on.

From full and part time roles to temporary and permanent positions, across a variety of industries – we’re the perfect partner to provide a solid link between candidate and employer. What’s more, we’ll create a bespoke service tailored to your company’s needs.

For more information about our recruitment services, get in touch with a member of our team who will be delighted to help.

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