Workforce Recruitment

Attracting Candidates and Supplying Clients

Orbital Recruitment offer a thorough recruitment process designed to benefit both our clients and candidates.

We offer our clients a thorough recruitment process.  We offer specific, bespoke advertising campaigns.  All candidates are screened over the telephone on their initial application. This allows us to thoroughly check potential applicants previous work records and suitability. We endeavour to make stringent enquiries in order to ensure our candidates are of a high calibre.

All candidates are given a set time and date for an interview. This is done to check our candidate’s time keeping skills. We then conduct an in depth face to face 30 minute interview.

This enables us to job match and ascertain suitable work compared to their previous experience.  Our audit team checks all requirements ensuring our workers are legally compliant to work in the UK. Where possible we obtain working references.

In addition all candidates undertake literacy and numerical tests as standard. These tests can also be tailored towards your specific needs.

A unique approach to inductions, increasing retention

We offer a free video induction which allows us to put together a unique video specific to your company. The video includes visuals of the job and duties that the candidate will undertake. Caption screens are used to provide key Health and Safety information and on-site procedures.

This is supported by a signed declaration detailing the information shown ensuring the candidate is fully aware of site rules and regulations. This unique concept has proved to dramatically increase retention of staff by allowing the candidate to make an informed decision before accepting the job.

Alternatively, upon your request, we can offer an on-site induction where you can meet the candidate prior to them starting work.

Account Management

Your account manager will be a designated contact responsible for the overall running of your contract. They will ensure that all workers are clearly briefed before the commencement of work and receive written details of the job description, including working hours, on site regulations and work wear requirements.

Worker performance is important for both parties, we work closely with our clients to ensure our workers are performing at the best levels.

Regular communication is paramount in establishing long term relationships and ensuring that we continue to provide you with the highest level of service.

Do you need something a little more bespoke?

Our standard recruitment processes and procedures are suitable for the majority of our clients, but sometimes your requirement isn’t so straight forward. We can create bespoke recruitment solutions dependent on our client’s individual needs.

We would be delighted to create a recruitment solution that is unique to you.

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